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Tolu Idowu June 17, 2020

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Knowledge is Power

I grew up as a catholic and up till today I am in love with just one Pope in the entire Catholic history, Karol Wojtyla (Saint Pope John Paul the Second). I am sure I am not alone in this un-withering love for this dead but not forgotten pope. I can remember serving at mass in my local church just once. One thing I have realized since I attained the age of quality reasoning is the fact that more than half of Catholic Christians grace the church and Mass with their presence as a social event and not really as Christians ought to. This led me to consider that Catholics are easily swept off their feet by simple questions, gospel orators, and cheap “magic”.

The same applies in my parish. The church is small, but it is quite smaller in quality Catholic Christians, so to speak. My parents are devoted Catholics, although my mum was married into the Catholic Faith from a Baptist church. Although my mum is charismatic, my dad, though not born into the Catholic faith himself as well, is always leading the charge. You can’t miss morning Masses in my house, less skipping Sunday mass. When the Bishop of my diocese endorsed the ‘know your faith’ program (A question-and-answer session tailored towards helping both young and old to know more about the Catholic faith and ultimately, Christianity), I was so happy. I sure didn’t miss nearly all the Sunday evening sessions as I had several questions to ask. This program pulled both young and old back to church by 4 pm after our usual 7 am Masses on Sundays. Questions were raised and right answers were given by experienced lay faithful, the church Catechist and the priest.

Why write about this story? Truth is, it was at the know-your-faith program that I got to appreciate the fact that Catholic Christians rarely read their Bibles, let alone read the doctrines of the Catholic Church. Grownups ask questions that ought to be raised by at the know-your-faith program. This is not to cheapen anyone because I asked lots of questions myself.

When talking about non-Catholics, especially the Pentecostal churches, the level of knowledge of God and the things of God is almost reliant on the level of the understanding of the Pastor in charge, or probably the general overseer? I am convinced of this as regards Nigeria, but about other countries, I may be wrong. If you want to test it out, simply write a thing or two that contradicts what a prominent protestant pastor has taught in his church on the social media, you will be amazed at the out-pour of aggression that you will receive ( you will even love the traffic generated more). Generally, Christians in Nigeria have a low understanding of God and even His words. I am not saying several Nigerian and non-Nigerian Catholics and non-Catholics alike haven’t read the Bible but rather that they do not truly understand what they read.

Corona Virus

The coronavirus has been with us for a while on earth, at least it has surfaced in 2002 as SARS, caused by SARS-CoV and in 2012 as MERS caused by MERS-CoV. Coronaviruses all have no cure till today. I am not in any way saying that the novel Coronavirus called COVID-19 will have no cure but that we still have no cure up till today, the 21st of May 2020. The entire world kept their gaze on the World Health Organization (WHO) as they lead us through the turbulence of this so-called pandemic.  As at the end of 2019, November there are 2494 confirmed cases of MERS-CoV (Middles East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus) and 858 deaths associated with the  MERS-CoV (data from WHO international website). So far, the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus has killed 774 people, leaving at least 8098 people infected according to NHS. The pandemic chief, Covid-19 as of today the 21st of May 2020 has five million, one hundred and seventy-four thousand, five hundred and thirty-three (5,174,533) confirmed cases from which two million, sixty-eight thousand, six hundred and eight (2,068,608) people have recovered and three hundred and thirty-three thousand, one hundred and eighty–five (333,185) deaths (stats by worldometers). The United States of America alone has one million, six hundred and eighteen thousand, two hundred and ninety-seven (1,618,297) cases, with twenty-five thousand, five hundred and seventy-four (25,574) new cases while recording a recovery of three hundred and eighty-one thousand, six hundred and seventy-seven (381,677) people and a death toll of (96,206) with One thousand, two hundred and seventy (1,270) new deaths. The Unites States of America is leading in the number of the infected, recovery numbers, and deaths. Saint Pierre Miquelon has the lowest number in the world of just a single case and the person has recovered according to the data available on worldometers.

Now come to think of it, according to, the top killer in the world in the year 2015 was coronary heart disease, also known as ischemic heart disease that took away eight million, eight hundred thousand (8,800,000) lives. The next killer machine for the year 2015 was  Stroke and it claimed six million, three hundred thousand (6,300,000) lives. The lower respiratory infections (influenza or flu) claimed around three million, two hundred thousand (3,200,000) lives in 2015 alone. This data is fully supported by the 2016 statistics on the WHO website. According to WHO, there were fifty-six million, nine hundred thousand (56,900,000)  million deaths globally in 2016, and stroke and coronary heart disease accounted for fifteen million, two hundred thousand (15,200,000) million deaths alone. Both diseases have been leading the death race since the year 2000.

Again, looking at malaria in Africa and other parts of the world where this dreaded disease is still endemic, there were (585,000) deaths in 2010 globally, (416,000) in 2017 and (405,000) in 2018. In Nigeria alone, there were about (92,000) deaths from malaria in 2018 and this number is low because the situation has been arrested over the years. Malaria cases in 2018 were about two hundred and twenty-eight million (228,000,000) and it affected only 31 countries in the world, mostly African according to the WHO report. According to statistics obtained from, tuberculosis is responsible for about one million, two hundred and ninety-three thousand (1,293,000) deaths in 2016 while HIV/aids killed about one million and twelve thousand (1,012,000) people worldwide. The next is malaria with four hundred and forty-six thousand (446,000) deaths and hepatitis with three hundred and ninety-nine thousand (399,000) deaths.

The stats are correct but then, why do most of these killer diseases, whether communicable or non-communicable not carry such a fuss like Covid-19? Covid-19, as it is, has an overall global death of three hundred and thirty-three thousand, one hundred and eighty –five (333,185) as of today while coronary heart disease, also known as ischemic heart disease kills about eight million (8,000,000) people yearly! Yes, Covid-19 is sort of airborne and so can spread fast but then there is a 98% chance of recovery! The deaths associated with Covid-19 in so many countries are outrageous and unreal. There is news flying around the internet about medical practitioners been forced by the government to declare all deaths as Covid-19 related when most deaths are not. Why scare people? Why keep the whole world on lockdown and standstill? According to the Guardian, Dr. Anthony Fauci has called for a disregard of the ‘baseless’ information online that the government of the US is overstating the death toll related to Covid-19. More on the smoke of that fire has been examined by

The United Nations

The United Nations was created on the 24th of October in the year 1945. The creation occurred in San Francisco, California in the USA. Nations jointly vowed after the Second World War to make some kind of peace pact not to have wars like the Second World War or any other war again. According to Wikipedia, their main objectives of the UN are:

  1. To maintain international security and peace
  2. Human rights protection worldwide
  3. Promotion of sustainable development
  4. Delivery of humanitarian aid
  5. Uphold international law

These are basic and Godly objectives right? Well, why don’t we check out the Georgia guide stones and see what’s written thereon? According to the same Wikipedia, the Georgia guide stones have these written on them:

  1. World population must be under 500,000,000
  2. Improve fitness and diversity and check on people’s reproduction every time.
  3. Unite the world with a single language
  4. Rule the world with passion faith and tradition, using common sense
  5. Protect people globally with law and justice
  6. World law and world courts for inter-national disputes
  7. Discard useless laws and its officials
  8. Personal rights and social duties must be on par
  9. Seek truth, beauty and love and harmony
  10. Take care of the planet


The Georgia guide stones were not built by the United Nations mind you, at least according to Wikipedia, it was built by Elberton Granite company for a supposed Robert .C. Christian in 1979 and was opened in 1980. This Mr. Christian said to have represented a group that had planned the guide stones for over 20 years before it was built. Taking a look at the objectives of the United Nations once cannot but wonder if they have done well in any of their so-called objectives. Although number one may still be difficult at the moment to achieve, I believe the United Nations is, by far, fulfilling the inscriptions on the Georgia Guide Stones better than fulfilling their objective. You want to know how?

The United Nations and War

In an article on, the writer enumerated twelve (12) times the UN has failed the world. Naming but a few is the Israeli occupation, the Kashmir crises, the civil war in Somalia, the violence of Cambodia, the civil war of Rwanda, Darfur conflict and so many others (

Wikipedia adorned the headlines better with “Criticisms of the United Nations”. The article list several forms of criticism ranging from the philosophical and moral decadence of the UN, the ineffectiveness of the UN, criticisms about how the UN is administered, Politics and diplomacy faults, scandals, and so on. It is a good read. In all, the truth is that the United Nations has not stopped any war really, since its creation, not protected any human rights and has not truly developed any part of the world sustainably. Have they even upheld any international law? Well, we can say the UN delivers humanitarian aid to some countries, I think I have seen that several times.

Is the UN not reducing human reproduction? Is the United Nations not globalist? Taking care of the planet? These are what the United Nations does. The UN is even guilty of fueling wars rather than ending wars (Criticisms of the United Nations). How about this, the UN has six (6) organs already but they still have country-like organizations.

  1. WHO: World Health Organization
  2. IFAD: International Fund for Agricultural Development
  3. AEA: International Atomic Energy Agency
  4. ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organization
  5. ILO: International Labour Organization
  6. IMO: International Maritime Organization
  7. IMF: International Monetary Fund
  8. ITU: International Telecommunication Union
  9. UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  10. UPU: Universal Postal Union
  11. WBG: World Bank Group
  12. WPO: World Intellectual Property Organization
  13. WMO: World Meteorological Organization
  14. UNWTO: United Nations World Tourism Organization
  15. UNODC: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
  16. UNHCR: Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
  17. WFP: Office of United Nations World Food Program
  18. UNIDO: United Nations Industrial Development Organization

These eighteen (18) subsidiaries or organizations under the UN will help them carry out what exactly? The UN is gradually becoming a country on its own. It is growing enough flesh to become a domineering country over the entire world. If you are reading this, do not take me for a conspiracy theorist because I am not driving there in any way, ok. Are all of these organizations not too much for the 6 objectives of the United Nations? This is common sense! The United Nations is preparing for something greater than being the world’s watchdog. I think the United Nations wants to be the king of kingdoms.


Pope Francis and globalization

 In my article about Pope Francis, “The Pope is the false prophet” I wrote extensively on the fact that the present pope cannot be the false prophet mentioned in the book of revelations chapter 13: verses 1 to 18 in the Bible. Pope Francis is undoubtedly a globalization pusher. From his words to his actions, it all points at just a thing, globalization, and one-world. The Francesco economy sounds unreal to me as a catholic.  The Francesco economy has come to stay, I am sure, but one thing that seems unclear to me is why the Pope is being used as a puppet for such globalization feat, why him?

The Francesco economy a meeting of young adults, “only young adults” (people below the age of 35) where they will be talking about the future economy of the world and the Pope is at the center of it all. Pope Francis himself will be there on the 21st of November as indicated on the site and the site. The forum will have these youths discussing bout how to better the decaying economy that we have now and how to usher in a better (probably borderless, religion-free, race-free) economy for the world soon. This is a globalization agenda, even a dummy knows this. This is a push towards a one-world economy, and the name is Francesco economy, great!

This is not the first time Pope Francis is seen taking the side of the globalists but then I wonder, why a pro-life Pope of the Catholic Church would work this closely with the pro-choice or say pro-reproductive rights people of the world. I used to believe one can convert a sinner by first becoming a sinner and then removing both parties from sin but the truth is, I was wrong. Taking your stand to the end turns the sinner from sin better than joining the sinner (You might get sucked into the sin yourself if care is not taken).

These people clamor day and night for people to abort unborn children. They pay heavily for people to remain sterile and they control reproduction by every means necessary and yet the Pope is seen solidly behind them. Our Pope Francis also said Covid-19 may be a result of our pollution of the climate. Must he push the agenda every time he speaks?

The delay of things to come

I love Obama and his speeches way back then, but then a lot changed during his eight-year term, not only in the US but throughout the world. I was devastated to hear that my dear Obama stopped Christian prayers in public schools in ‘God’s own country’, replaced Christian worships in the white house with whatever he called it, and so on. Then Donald Trump came. The scaremongers first waved Trump at all African, both home and in Diaspora as a white supremacist. I don’t know why but I fell in love with Trump easily. Truth is, the United States must surrender her power if one-world government will be a reality. One easy way of achieving that is by crumbling the economy of the US and its Dollar. If Trump will not allow these guys to achieve their aim in peace, then they will make Trump see hell as a better place than the white house.

Trump’s emergence as the winner of the election saw the country, the US, in turmoil. Trump is still on the verge of being impeached even as I write. He has been tried, tested, fought in so many ways. One thing I still hold dear to my heart is that God planted Trump in the white house for a reason.

Trump himself is no saint as he is guilty of a lot of things including defending the rights of the white people extensively at the expense of other races in the US. Trump is ‘’RAW’’ with his words and doesn’t choose them wisely. He uses twitter to wreck more havoc on himself than on his enemies but then, who can’t God use?

What all of these mean for Christians

I will continue this article next week. Stay tuned and be blessed

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