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Tolu Idowu June 6, 2020

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Who in his right senses will deny that growing up was one of the most beautiful things life would offer? The experiences and expectations, the promises and most of all, the friends you look into the future with. But then, as time progresses, destinations change, orientations change and, of course, desires change. The future you once looked into with fun and joy becomes myriads of impossibilities that the only companion you would enjoy is nothing but your dreams. Still you would want to push this forward, unraveling the mysteries of uncertainties, the reasons for failure, success, sickness, health, wealth, death and the afterlife.

In the process of growth, you seek the fundamentals of life through family, friends, education and ultimately in religion. Everyone in his right senses can recognize the certainty and conviction of truth even if he could not ascertain its conclusion. The trust every child gives to his parents, (the first known gods) to family, friends and religious leaders sometimes come to naught and this becomes the pain of a lifetime.

As defined, conscience remains the seat of every moral judgment, but when this is mal-formed, what does morality of such stands for, or when its formators become deceitful and deceptive, then everyone becomes the judge of his own morality; a case of subjective moral standard and, of course, a dearth of human dignity. Or better still, how best can one describe the litanies of insincerities that are evident in the face of wanton loss of human lives at every stage of life. Who then do we turn to?

We have all been taught from the very beginning that the most precious gift we all have is our life, it is the gift that God gives to each of us and this gift must be guided and kept because it is given only once. As such, each of us want to keep this gift, protect this gift and perhaps have the best of it. Parents spend all their savings and earnings to keep a child alive, governments spend fortunes on health and its facilities, every religious group preach about the protection of life and uncountable institutions sponsor legal bills on the preservation and protection of lives, yet what seems to be the cheapest in the world today is human life. Hmmmmmmm, what a paradox?

The reality of coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic staring the world in the face today reveals how *expensively cheap* human life has become, the blame game of our political leaders, the insincerity of what exactly is the cause of the pandemic, the reason for lack of preventives and what exactly were given to those declared cured of this dreaded and deadly disease? Yet all we have and hear is social/physical distancing, lockdown, isolation and stay safe.

The supposedly medical practitioners who should have been the last hope of the masses, who should have journeyed with them even at the point of death now isolate themselves from the very people whom they swore in their Hippocratic Oath or as a friend calls it, Hypocrisy Oath to protect. Religious gatherings and educational institutions have been shut down, we are told to worship God and go to school from home, while many others are feeding fat on the streets that some have been prevented from walking. We are thankful to you for your particular involvement in making us know that indeed, we are in the same old ways.

Written by Rev. Fr. Joseph Ogundipe

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