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Tolu Idowu June 5, 2020

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The whole of Christianity and in fact the entire people of the world, are put  under God’s loving mercy simply because the son of God, Christ the king of the entire universe, bowed to earth to pay the dues mankind owe the divine. Dying for a righteous man may be simpler, according to Paul in, but going through the agony of death for a man you ought to supposedly hate, an enemy, that is a thing only love can have one do. This event proves past any bit of doubt the truth of Christ the king of the entire universe.

The feast of ascension in the Catholic Church is celebrated exactly 39 days after Easter Sunday and for  the year 2020, the feast was Thursday, 21st of March, 2020. Without the ascension, we have no hope as well (John 14:3). The joy that the resurrection of Jesus brought into the world, more significantly into the Catholic Church and Christianity is perfected in the ascension. Christians in the entire world are not concerned with how Jesus rose into heaven, whether he climbed the clouds, dived up like superman or was just slowly ascending like the iron man. Jesus, the son of God, rose into the clouds home to send us the special gift in the person of the Holy Spirit and to build our houses there in heaven.  What if Jesus was a liar?

Saint Paul said if Jesus Christ, the son of god has not risen from the dead, Christianity and the Catholic Church would have been the most miserable groups that ever existed (1 Corinthians 15: 12-19).  What would have been the fate of the entire human race, believers in Jesus Christ and non-believers alike? If Jesus died like he did 2000+ years ago and he did not raise after the time he promised he would, let alone ascending into heaven, well, some of these or all of it would have happened:

  1. The Catholic Church, all of Christianity and most likely Islam will be null and void.
  2. Home sweet home; Hell.
  3. Morality will be like having billions of US dollars.
  4. Probably God would have passed sentences on us all.


The Catholic Church, all of Christianity and most likely Islam will be null and void.

Let is picture scenario where Jesus was not the son of God. He happened to have lied to his followers.  Christ died and was no more. The funny truth is there will definitely be people so “stupid” enough in the world who would start a religion in his name even though he had not risen. We have seen such religion in the past and so that will not be out of place, but unfortunately, they will not be up to 3 billion followers as of 2020 (if there ever would have been a year 2020).

As much as the two religion do not have common stand in their believe of who Jesus is (One making a savior and God of Jesus while the other making a messenger or prophet of him), Islam may not have existed without Christianity ( wo and wo and wo and you can also find and read this book ).  There is no doubt in the fact that the two major religions of the world right now do not agree on some aspects of faith, they both actually depended on the risen Christ, unfortunately. A new religion may have broken out of East, maybe or not from Saudi Arabia as we have it, but it would not have garnered such a followership as we have in Islam.  The words and life of Jesus Christ is found heavily in the Islamic Quran and I am sure if Christianity was not a rock-hard religion, Jesus would not have been found in the Quran. There is only one Foundation that strengthens Christian till tomorrow, and that is the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Devoid of the ascension, there will be no Christianity (John16:7).  If Christianity was devoid of the ascension, ultimately it is devoid of the Holy Spirit; the Romans would have won. With the power of the Holy Spirit, the Apostles were, fortunately for us, empowered enough not to only speak up and convert more than 5000 men in just one day, but to remain focused and forge ahead with the religion of the risen Christ. The Holy Spirit sheltered the Apostles in their delivery of the Gospel of Christ until their deaths. Abdicate the involvement of the Holy Spirit (which was received only after Jesus ascended into heaven) and there will be no Christianity. A world devoid of Christianity would not have accommodated a flourishing Islam.


Home sweet home; Hell.

Had Jesus not risen and ascended into heaven, God’s plan would have come to null (I am sure it is impossible anyway). But, let us agree that Jesus did not rise up from the dead truly, would it not mean that he died in vain? It simply means Christ would have been incapable of conquering death and this in turn means that sin and death still has the world in their net. God hates sin and everything contaminated by it cannot reside with God in His holy heaven (Read this ). Our home after death would have been hell had Jesus Christ not risen and ascended into heaven (Romans 5:8).


Morality will be like having billions of US dollars.

Some will argue that there will be no division that religion has caused over the years and that there would have been peace if Christianity never existed. Humans are naturally not peaceful (Humans not peaceful), we needed a kind of rope hung around our neck before we can choose to do what is right; that is religion.  Religions thrive on each other’s wings and so the void that would have been created by Christianity will reduce the followership of every other religion that would exist. Lots of Christians and Muslims alike remain moral not because they want to, but because of the hope of eternity. People are cautioned because of their religion and this caution will be lacking if their religion never even existed in the first place.

Probably God would have passed sentences on us all.

Conclusion could have occurred to existence, had Jesus not risen and gone back to the Father. The Holy trinity hates sin but loves mankind. The case against humanity will mean added to our sins, humans have butchered the only son of the Most High, or maybe, His envoy.  Humanity is damned again; a quick one at that. This will mean that God may have decided anytime over the years to conclude the whole saga earlier than expected. Since everyone on earth would still be in sin, God can ransom a few good people and end the whole story with a final judgment sooner than now. Jesus’ plea for us at Gods right hand is a reason why the world is yet to come to end (Romans 8:34), without which we are doomed (Please read through this as well).



God bless you.

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