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Tolu Idowu May 12, 2020

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Saints are free to talk to God any and every time they want since He listens to them (1 Peter 3:12, Proverbs 15:29, Job 36:7). Children of God are the elected saints of God and so God is constantly ready to help them when they need anything, but what about sinners? Can sinners pray to God? If they are capable of praying to God, will God pay attention to and answer their requests?

Praying to God?

Praying to God may appear like an easy thing to do, particularly the way it is presented in this modern era of Christianity of prosperity. How difficult can it be to pray to God other than just to shut my eyes and murmur (or shout, depending on the type of style my church/denomination uses) few words to God and wait for everything to start manifesting in the physical? Jesus’ friends asked him to teach them to pray when he was alive and he gave them a prayer, which to date we still call the Lord’s Prayer (Mathew 6: 5-15, Luke 11:1-13). He began by saying ‘whilst you pray, say….’ The prayer Jesus taught his friends summarizes the entirety of our Christian life.

Connecting to God in prayer

In my article, can sinners worship God, I made mention of the fact that worship of God requires connecting with God. I also shared a web link to another Christian site that listed several ways through which we can worship God, one of which is prayer. It is impossible for us to pray to a God that is a spirit without first connecting to Him spiritually and truthfully (John 4:24). What I imply is that you cannot pray to God devoid of a sound connection to God.

Have you, at any time in your life, tried praying and after your prayers, you believe you have only just murmured your words into the thin air? It has happened to me more than a few times. This occurs in the life of Christians, unbelievers and sinners alike. When you find it hard to build a stable connection between yourself and God, you feel unfulfilled and you feel you have not prayed to God.

How does prayer work?

Before one can say he/she has prayed, there must be a recognized link between the physical self and a spiritual being (The spiritual being is the person to whom you are directing the prayer). If you are directing your prayers to God almighty, you must first be ready and know in your heart that you want to honestly pray to God. The subsequent step is to launch a link between yourself and God by filling your mind with things of God and escaping from the world and worldly things entirely. This bonding can take time (particularly for beginners and you will get better at it over time) to establish but as soon as you establish the connection you will know. When this relationship is established, it should not be treated like a mobile phone end to end dialogue alone but rather the worship of God with words (prayers). When worshipping God with your prayers, the key part of it is to stand in reverence and adoration of God almighty. The prayer of the Lord started with this (Mathew 6: 9-13). Revere God as much as you can. Know that He is God the almighty, great and eternal. This is done by diverse people in a lot of ways. Some people choose to sing solemn songs; some prefer to declare the names of God and so on.

You can then ask for whatsoever you need and make sure you let God know you do not even know what you are asking for(Romans 8:26). This is because if God is omnipotent and omniscient, no man can know better than Him. He unquestionably knows what is best for you and me better than we can know (Romans 8: 27-37). God is not to be commanded!

As much as most Pentecostal churches start their prayers well, the majority tend to command the same person they have just revered or worshiped in their prayer. In reality, you cannot visit the Queen of England and set the rules for her majesty in her own home! It is not done. You are a mortal, visiting the spiritual world just to show your loyalty to God and not to prove to God you know better than Him, or remind Him what He said in His own words!

The connection we establish with God during worship is a show of solidarity towards God. God Almighty does not need us men; rather, we need Him (Psalm 50: 8-15). It is paramount to place all in His hands as Jesus told his disciples in the gospels St. Luke chapter 12 and that of St. John chapter 15 verses 5. Your fears and prayers can do little, but God can do everything (Luke 12: 22-26)!

Can sinners pray to God?

Can sinners pray to God? If I want to linger in a state of sin, and I truly know that, why would I even want to speak to God? The first question in the mind of a remorseful sinner about God will be if God ever listens to a sinner’s request. To cut the long story short, not a soul is holy, not even the Pope! We are all sinners and have all fallen short God’s great glory in all ways (Romance 3:23). God detests sin so much that nothing sinful can stand in front of Him (Psalm 1:5). Fortunately, God loves sinners who are doing their best to stay away from sin (Ezekiel 33:11). Your attitude towards sin matters more to God than the sin you commit (Ezekiel 33). I talked earlier about being truthful before starting or initiating a connection to God in worship through prayer, right? If you are a sinner, and you are truthful to yourself that you are a sinner and you make your mind up to do away with the life of sin, God is already listening to you (Luke 15). Jesus explained this in-depth when he told the story about the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32). Had the story continued there would have been every chance that the prodigal son would leave again and come back to his father once again. That is a possibility. This possibility should encourage you rather than castigate you. You may find yourself falling in the same sin over and over again. The resistance you put up against sin is what God will be looking out for just as in the case of Paul (Romans 7:14-25). If you find yourself in this circumstance, you are not alone and you should never give up! A saint is a sinner who kept on struggling until he dies. A saint does not give up for sin and the devil to win.

Sin is what makes you a sinner and this world we are in if filled with the sin of every kind (Genesis 6:11, Romans 5: 12 -21, James 4:4). It will be a thorny journey for you no to get stained at all while walking along this road of wet mud with cars speeding by (1 John 1:8, John 8:7, Ecclesiastes 7:20). The way to get home clean is by using the laundry existing and accessible at every bus stop. That Laundry is your truthful and genuine acknowledgment of your sin and your plea for mercy at the feet of the laundry man, Jesus Christ. When you ask God for mercy through Jesus Christ, He will forgive whatever sin you may have committed and your slate is wiped clean again (1 John 1:9, John 3:16). So can sinners pray to God and be heard?

Remain connected; the connection is vital for your health

In view of the fact that you have chosen to stick to God and His holiness of life, then you need to remain constantly positioned on the right track. By no means leave again for a life of sin because it can be worse for you than the former (Mathew 12:45). Endeavor to connect to God as many times as you can in a day. With a regular linking, God will open your heart and mind and fill you up with Himself. When you become so close to God, you will need little time to establish the connection and you will comprehend the ways of God the more and everything becomes less complicated. Staying holy will become a habit that you desire daily. Your spirit will start growing and thus it remains robust.

One thing you must always remember and never forget is this, if you are no longer linked and death catches up with you, you won’t make heaven (Revelation 21:27, 1Corinthians 6:9-11). This is why you require your spiritual health. This is why the connection is vital for your health. Stay connected to God in worship till death so that you can be with Him after death.

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