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Tolu Idowu May 7, 2020

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Is God the Almighty? Do you even believe every name you call God? How mighty is this God that you believe so much? Many a time, Christians profess with their mouth without even stopping to think about what they are professing. We talk and talk without understanding what we say with our mouths. I believe this one reason an Indian man said ‘I love Christ but I hate Christians’. We profess Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior but we act like the devil more than like our Lord and master. Our actions are always against our words. If you don’t believe me, just enter any church and ask this question; ‘is God the Almighty?’ I am sure 90% of the church, if not the entire congregation will shout in a loud voice ‘Yes He is’. But if you further down and ask, ‘why do you call God the almighty’? One thing is that 40% of the congregation will go silent instantly and will not bother answering your question at this point. The responses you will get from the remaining 60% will amaze you. Do we understand this God that will worship at all?


Some of us believe that everything that concerns God is just the mere 8 billion citizens of this planet and probably how the sun shines on them and rains come and go. Probably how plants grow and nature refills animals and insects and bacteria. Can we at least widen the scope a little more? Take the Milky Way galaxy for instance. Earth is bordered by 8 other main planets but there are over 1 billion planets in this galaxy that has a radius of 52,850 light-years and about 150,000 to 200,000 light-years in diameter (this diameter distance is the same as 19×1017 km or 1,900,000,000,000,000,000km). This means that from the beginning to the end of the galaxy in which the earth is just like a ‘pen DOT’’, the distance is about 1900 quadrillion km or 1.9 quintillion km.  In the observable universe (what our science can view for now in the vast unending universe), there are about or even over 2 trillion galaxies and the observable universe is about 26 billion light-years in diameter. Scientists are saying that the universe is by far larger than that and that it can be 250 times that number, placing the diameter of the universe at about 7 trillion light-years. We may not get the picture because the magnitude is not laid bare in front of our eyes.  Science is even of the opinion that we may not be the only life in the universe because of the universe and if that is true, then who is taking care of these several billions of billions of species spread across billions of galaxies on uncountable planets in the universe? I believe the answer is still God!


As of now, according to NASA (details of which you can find here), the fastest spacecraft known to man is still the Parker Solar probe, and we expect it to reach a top speed of 420,000 miles per hour in the year 2024. So if we go by this speed, it means even the Parker Solar probe will need at least 4300125363.117488 hours to journey across our galaxy. That will be exactly 179171890.1298953 days, and 25595984.30427076 weeks, 6398996.076067691 months, and 533249.6730056409 years. This means that the fastest invention of man, by 2024, will be fast enough to spend at least 533,249 years in traveling through the Milky Way galaxy alone, you read right, that is five hundred and thirty-three thousand, two hundred and forty-nine years. If I were to calculate that of the universe, we will be talking in sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion, or perhaps, decillion kilometers of distance. These distances are unimaginable, and still, God governs everything that exists in this vast and expanding universe.

So the question again, how mighty is God the almighty? I believe God is mightier than our imaginations. He is doing more than we can ever imagine. Everything about God is greater and wider than our knowledge. We cannot, as humans, but stand in awe of Him who is forever.

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  1. Adelowo Richard on May 18, 2020

    Wow! This is quite educative with some better imagined ingredients. God’s mightiness can’t be quantified. Just like i read in the article, i love Jesus but i don’t like the ways Christian of our time, infact u find it difficult to attribute any little form of Godliness to Christianity of our time. God is God and it’s better to leave it that way before waves set in someone’s brain.

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