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Tolu Idowu May 3, 2020

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I love to play soccer and even though I am not paid for playing the game; I exercise my body and relax to sharpen my mind. Mind you, I still play every weekend. I once believed in my dream of becoming a professional footballer one day but then, I buried that dream aside as soon as I graduated and became a builder. We all nurse the ambition to be greater in life and to achieve great feats placing our hopes in an uncertain future. Sometimes, we get lucky and we achieve our childhood dreams but often than not, our dreams are changed into something different and sometimes, better than what we dreamt of. So many people dreamt, including my friends, of becoming apolitical head in life and later serve their country in the military; killing life instead of leading it. The truth here is simple; we have no hold on the future we are yet to see until we live it.

As a Christian, I am sometimes baffled at how we lead our life while claiming to be following Christ. Why do Christians love God? Why do we follow his commands? Do we love God because He commanded us to love or because we know it to be the right thing to do? I am so conversant with the Ten Commandments that I have found out, in time, that there is no law as perfect as the Ten Commandments. My mind has laid bare before me several times the question of ‘why follow the Commands of God’? There is no need for a fortune teller for someone to know that the breakers of some or even all the Ten Commandments are doing fine in life. They buy expensive clothes, jewelry, cars, and even houses. Lots of Christians cannot claim to live better than pagans, atheists and non- Christians and yet they are doing the will of the creator of everything.

I have realized that if we are to remove the promise of heaven and pleasant life, there will be little to no Christian. I have come to the understanding that an enormous chunk of professed Christians is Christians because of the promise of heaven and the goodies. If these promises of God are lacking or not there, the majority of the professed Christians will quickly join the bandwagon of the so-called ‘evildoers’ to enjoy the spoils here on earth. Why are you a Christian? Are you into God because he promised you heaven? This is the reason most Christians follow magic everywhere magic goes calling it a miracle. We always want to receive from God before we give to God. Some even pay their tithe and offerings regularly and promptly, not because they want food to abound in God’s house but because their pastor promised them that God will open His loving arms and give back to them in hundred folds. Their God is an HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) admin that is always giving them a 100% return over their investment. How about people who are pious enough to wash toilets in the church premises even though they are managers and CEOs? Why do people work this much for Jesus Christ? Because they love him or because of what heaven looks like?

There are so many non-Christians and atheists in the world of today who follow the principles of Jesus Christ. These set may not even believe in Jesus Christ at all, but they love his way of life and his teachings and they are imbibing it. First, they have no believe in Jesus Christ and so whatever promises he made for his followers, they are not concerned about it. These people are doing everything Jesus commanded Christians to do, without waiting to be rewarded. Are they Christians or not? Why are you a Christian?

Look inwards today. Please do well to scan your life again and have a rethink! Are you paying your tithes because you want to get back ha a hundred times what you gave? Are you a Christian in thoughts and in words only because you want to make heaven and when you get to heaven? Are you preaching Jesus to everyone you meet on the road because you want confront Jesus on the judgment day and tell him you preached him? Why are you a Christian?

Let us Christians, and even non- Christians alike learn to show love for God and his son. If you truly love someone, even if he hates you, you will love them back. Your love for someone will not allow you hate even when your love is not returned. Even without getting a reward for loving them, you love them still. Show God and His son this kind of love and you will be a true Christian. Give without hoping to receive back, even when giving to God. Be good without looking up and telling Jesus,’ I hope you are recording my act of kindnesses’. Love God; follow His commands without seeking the reward of heaven in your heart. The God who sees in secret and knows what is in every heart and mind will reward you accordingly.

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