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Tolu Idowu April 23, 2020

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Ecumenical relavitism!

God is the ultimate

Personally, I believe God is the root and source of all power, be it black or white, good or bad, pastors’ or witches’. Most Christians proclaim all power belongs to God but they will still find it hard to believe what I have just said. God is Love, and he who abides in love abides in God and God in him. If Jesus is truly God Just as I have written in my previous article “Is Jesus God”, then it means Jesus is love. One thing we do not realize is the fact that Jesus did not, in the entire bible, tell us that the last judgment will be based on who knows who, or who attends what church. I believe every time Jesus talked about the last days; he encouraged us to show love and kindness. Care for the sick, visit prisoners, feed the hungry, and clothe the naked, and so on. These are his basis for judgment. I believe Jesus will care less whether you are Christian or Muslim or a Buddhist when that comes. Why are Christians scared of the end of days when they ought to be happy they will soon meet their lord and redeemer?

The Christian Muslim

Something happened to me early this year, and it changed my view of life, heaven, and hell. I had an issue with my truck and had to invite my vehicle electrical technician to travel down from a small town where he lives to Ibadan to check on my truck (I call on him because he understands the truck better than any other). Upon his arrival, he took his time to check for the cause of the fault because the truck will start but will not move, even in drive gear. I left him with the truck and I stepped out. When I got back, he was done, and all is well with my truck again. I was so happy. So he asked me to test drive it through a 5 km road. I told him I can’t go alone because the fault can slip back. He obliged to go with me, and we left. We had time to talk about various issues, and it came to religion. This man is a complete and chronic Muslim. He spends most of his weekends traveling to towns and cities evangelizing Islam (it confused me when I was told Muslims do evangelization as well).  When we were about getting back to the house, I asked him “Alfa, you don’t womanize, drink, curse people nor do you miss your prayers daily” and he answered me “yes”. Then I said, “what if you get to heaven and you meet someone you know is impure (does everything bad he doesn’t do) sitting beside God, what will be your reaction?” His response got me thinking on that day as he laughed and replied: “that is what we are praying for; God should in His mercy allow everyone to make heaven”. He then went further saying “God already said in the Quran that He can accept everyone into heaven, good or bad or He can choose not to”. So I asked him further if he will be happy and he said it will even make him enjoy heaven the more.


If I pose such a question to most self-righteous Christians, they will be happy to see their fellow men burn in hell because they had given God everything here on earth and those men enjoyed better than they do. I told myself after speaking with the Alfa that day, “this man is worthy of heaven than I am, I must change my ways”. The truth is, religion will not get you into heaven; it can only help you have a better chance at the shot. The Catholic Church can be the mother of all Christian denominations, but that does not make Christianity superior to any other religion. In fact, I am sure the Jews will be proud to say their Judaism gave birth to our Christianity.


If you place yourself on the other side of the fence, you will find out you are only lucky and even better, blessed to be born a Christian, and to even know Jesus the way you do. I will, therefore, urge us Christians to extend an arm of respect and love to other humans, not minding their religion (as it is virtually useless without the act). If your concern about loving other religions is bringing about the apocalypse, well I wonder if you believe God at all. Whatever God says must come to pass and so the apocalypse is a sure thing, no matter what you and I do. Consider all men your friend, do the right thing, live in peace with everyone, and show love as much as you can. Be sure to judge yourself about making heaven and quit judging others because only God knows who is truly serving Him.

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