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Tolu Idowu April 22, 2020

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I am not a Sango (amadioha/thor/god of thunder) worshiper and personally I care less if he died hanging from a tree, a breathing disorder killed him, was killed by his own family or whatever name you give the death that took him. The fact remains he died, and that is all I want to know about his death. As a Christian, I am contented with the Bible and the traditions of the church. They are so vast that I am not sure I can consume all till I die. There then exists a big “but”. When I am asked about my faith by a Sango worshipper, how can I answer him properly if I do not understand what or who he worships?


I am not using this article to stir up paganism in you but I am only saying what if you can bring people to the knowledge of Christ by knowing them better? Won’t that be fascinating?

Think about it, you cannot convince an atheist to believe in God if you don’t first understand what it feels to be an atheist (if there is anything or anyone who is a genuine atheist anyway). In the same vein, a Muslim will only follow you to Jesus if he knows you understand both your religion and his. 

Think of it as a debate. If you prepare so well for a debate concentrating only on your side of the story, you will be surprised at what your opponent will bring up if he’s prepared himself for your side and his altogether. He will smash you in every way possible and you will be defeated. Think about this, even the master (Jesus Christ) took out time to learn virtually everything there is to learn as far as Judaism is concerned before he showed them the truth. People called him rabbi not because they know he is the son of God but because of his teachings. He taught with authority and defeated the Pharisees using their texts frequently. Jesus sat with and even ate with tax collectors and the so-called sinners then. He was friendly to both the teachers of the law and  the so-called sinners.

I have no statistical backing, but then I am sure over 70% of people practicing any religion are in the religion because of their birth, parent or guardian, and or community. Only a handful grew up to fully understand that the religion passed down to them by their parents, or into which they were born is not right with them and took a switch.

 This is as short as it gets. If you do not understand what they do, do not condemn them. If you do not know something, you have no right (as a sensible person) to condemn or hate such thing. What will you call the man who already hates you before even knowing you at all? You would call such a person a sadist, a wicked fellow, or a devil incarnate, right? Then you can as well tag yourself such names when you see other people who piously and devotedly worship whatever it is they worship in peace without disturbing you and you hate them for it even though you lack the knowledge of what they do. 

Remember, this is a call to love; stop the hatred that is so much in the world. If you are a Christian, stick to your God. Be faithful to Him and follow His commandments as best as you can. Bring the love of Jesus Christ to everyone around you and maybe, just maybe, your light will shine in the darkness of the world and you will call out people from darkness into the light of Christ.


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