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Tolu Idowu April 20, 2020

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Jesus Christ owns the earth

Ok, this is a great topic that has always had me wondering “did Jesus Christ come down from heaven JUST to save us?” Well, the truth is the work of salvation is enough reason for Jesus to come down from heaven to save us, mere mortals. I am not a Bible scholar in any way, I can say this time without number and not miss out on that point ever, but the truth is that I ruminate over events like this almost every day! Did Jesus Christ ONLY appear on earth to save us? Well, I am a Christian, a Catholic Christian in fact and I certainly agree that Jesus Christ is the savior, but I believe He did not just come to save us alone.

So what else did Jesus come to do on earth?

Jesus Christ will judge earth

Well, my answers are in two forms. Please do not expect me to quote from the Bible or any book, even though I know some words will be confirmed by the Bible. I believe Jesus came down to earth from heaven to save us and to also learn to judge us efficiently and effectively. Ay, the comedian made a skit sometime ago (if you haven’t seen it, please search YouTube, I am sure you will get it) about himself getting to the gate of heaven and he was being questioned by an angel at the entrance. In all, Ay was able to defend himself telling the angel and I quote “you think to say e easy to be a human being? You sef come take my place make I take your place dey jolly for heaven small na” (Do you think it is easy to be a human being? Why don’t you take my place as a human and I take your place as an angel and see which of the two is easier). Well, the sad truth is that some humans may even conceive such an idea in reality as their only defense on judgment day/. Unfortunately, Jesus came to Earth and he lived like every one of us. He felt hungry, he heard the bad news, his friend died and he wept. He grew as a baby, through childhood (even lived through times when he was wanted by the authority as a baby). Jesus felt pain, enjoyed wine, drank water, ate food, felt betrayal, loved his friend and was loved by his companions as well. Jesus had several chats with his friends; he played games (probably hit orange around with his legs as well). There is almost nothing you do or did (except sinful things) that Jesus himself did not pass through. This experience is enough for him to understand what it means for a human to stay away from sin and how easy it is for us to fall therein.

So imagine you telling Jesus on judgment day “Boss, I had to fall into money rituals simply because of poverty”. Jesus will simply tell you how poor he was when he was on the earth and how he stood his ground without falling into any sin because of his poverty. People tend to forget the fact that bad things are not new just as good things are not; in fact, nothing is new on earth. Now before some of us start saying Jesus was a rich man when he was on earth, I beg you to please read through my article “Was Jesus a poor man or a rich man when he was alive?”


So, apart from the fact that Jesus is our savior, he is also the judge of judges, and he will do this with total equity and justice because he lived like us already, my friend, no way out for you.

The other part which I think most people miss out is the fact that Jesus came to live among us on earth to show us true mercy. Just as I have explained earlier, he lived like us and so he understands better than any angel or anyone in heaven how easy it is for us to fall into sin. There is no way you can understand someone better than to live that person’s life. So Jesus can show us the perfect mercy we need at any time because he TRULY UNDERSTANDS the situation; he lived the situation before, it was not simulated.


So please, when next you hear your priest or pastor talk about God being a JUST and MERCIFUL God, remember, he is not merely JUST and MERCIFUL, but he is the beginning and the end of JUSTICE and MERCY. So always remember, Jesus came to the world to save our souls by dying for us, to be a just judge and to be a merciful God.

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  1. Ozioma on April 11, 2020

    In other ways…. There is practically no other way out for us than to keep his commandments if you truly desire to make heaven… God please help my mortal body

  2. Nonso Emmanuel on April 14, 2020

    For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son Jesus to die for the sin of world, and who ever believeth in him will have everlasting life

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