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Tolu Idowu April 20, 2020

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Savior! I have often wondered whether the plan of God almighty to save the human race started and ended with Jesus. When I was a lot younger, I usually bother myself with a little question of what’s next. After conception, we will be given birth to, yes then what’s next? We will live through childhood, go to school and eventually graduate (for those that have the opportunity at all) and then what’s next? We get married and next, we get loving, beautiful and handsome kids. So what is next? We grow old with lots of responsibilities on our shoulder and first, we become grandparents and then great grandparents. Then what is next? Eventually, we die and then we are split into heaven bound and hell-bound (if either of both exists…. See my article “the reality of heaven and hell”). Then those of us that are heaven bound will see God (If God exists, right?) and then those that are hell-bound will meet the devil in person (That’s if he /she exist as well). Then after that, what’s next? After heaven and hell and God and the devil, what’s next? 


Well, the article today isn’t really about going to heaven or hell or where we will go next from there, but it is plainly about the number of saviors that God has sent humanity over the years up until today (that “today” is the day you are reading this article). I was dumbfounded when I was reading an argument online one day and I read a man say “When my eyes were opened to the truth of the African religion, I left Christianity”. So I took interest in the man and started to dig deeper into his conversations online (call me a stalker and whatever, lol). Why will this man dump Christianity for the African religion for Christ’s sake? Well, after a while, I got him. He dumped Christianity simply because he had read, learned and believed he understands that Jesus is not real and that he, Jesus, is just imaginative or creative thinking of the early Christians to co-opt the whole world into the small useless cult called Christianity. His assertion may be right, I thought to myself as I kept an open mind to read further. His major evidence comes from the fact that SEVERAL gods and humans have come in the past, way before the time of Jesus Christ, and were given birth to, lived the same life and some even died and rose again after exactly three days, just like Jesus. Humans during these people’s times called them the king of kings, Lord of lords, son of God, Lamb of God and so on. So as far as this man is concerned, Jesus is only like a copying technology to get people to leave the original (in this sense, the African religion) and follow the fake Jesus that never truly existed.

Now again, this article is not about the reality of Jesus Christ nor is it to prove if Jesus actually lived, walked and died among us 2000+ years ago but to prove the number of saviors God has sent to humanity since the beginning of time. I have taken my time to research a lot of humans and gods alike that have walked the earth and have lived and or died in ways similar to that of Jesus Christ. I must tell you that at the end of this article you will be surprised at what you will find out. Is God making a joke out of us humans?


The list is too long for me to start shredding their lives here one after the other, but then I will do my best to simply go for the best of the best of these people/gods. I will not leave out Horus, the god that made “my guy” dump Christianity? Now there have been several people that walked the earth that came in, lived and died almost exactly in the same manner Jesus did. Some of them are Adonis, Attis, Baal, Bacchus, Balder, Beddru, Devatat, Dionysos, Hermes, Horus (my guy’s main man), Krishna, Mithras, Orpheus, Osiris, Tammuz, Thor, Zoroaster and even Jesus himself. I would have added some important figures like Padre Pio, Pope John Paul II, and the likes as well, but then they will not fit in properly. Just to let you know, you can decide to read more about these guys later on your own, but I will do my best to give details on at least four of these guys, the four being Jesus Christ, Osiris, Dionysos, and Mithras. The others, I will only give briefers on.



Most Christians would have heard of Baal in the bible, especially the fight between Elijah and the priests of Baal where he, Elijah, killed a good number of them in the bible (I won’t give any quotation…lol).

Baal was not born of a virgin, was not a savior he is just a Canaanite god of fertility and weather. He performed no miracles when he was alive, was not crucified when he died, not sure if he resurrected or not but he did descend (and not ascend). He had not a communal meal with his disciples and was never and is still not known as a divine judge. Of all, he is the son of a god, Dagan.



Attis is a female god known in Rome as Magna Mater (meaning mother of gods). Attis was born of a virgin mother from the fruit of blood but was never a savior, performed no miracles, had no real specific meal with her disciples, was not crucified but was castrated under a pine, did not resurrect and did not ascend nor descend.




If you have seen the movie, ‘GODS OF EGYPT’, Horus will not be a new name to you. He is the son of Osiris and Isis (both are Egyptian gods as well) and so this nullifies his virgin birth. Horus fought (with just one eye) with Seth, another Egyptian god, avenging his father’s death. Osiris became the god of the dead while Horus became the god of the living. Horus is represented as a falcon and his strong eye is the sun and the injured eye is the moon. There are pictures of Isis breastfeeding or carrying her child, Horus and this is usually compared to that of the catholic pictures of Mary carrying Jesus Christ. Horus is no divine judge of humanity was not crucified, had no communal meal with his disciples, did not resurrect nor ascend or descend. Horus, however, performed several healing magic when he was a young boy in Egypt.




 Sounds like Adonai right? Adonis had no virgin birth, no communal meal, performed no miracles, was not crucified and so on. The only reason he is on the list is that he was alive in the spirit world even before his death. 



Balder is a Norse god, a son of Odin. He is irrelevant here but then some people talk about him like he can replace the savior of mankind and that is why he is here. You can read more about him.

Please do well to read more about these other guys as well,  Beddru, Devatat, Hermes, Krishna, Orpheus, Tammuz, Thor, and Zoroaster. I want to make this article as short as I can make it. Now let me quickly jump to my main guys.



 This guy is a Greek god also known in Latin as Bacchus. Dionysos (or Dionysus), whichever way you want to spell his name is a great god, the god of wine and all liquids found in nature. His name means celebration (Guess that’s why the owners of that old whine chose the name Bacchus, remember that tonic wine?) The mother’s name is Semele and she is a mortal wife of Zeus, a god. God Zeus is believed to have either enchanted Semele or raped her (because that’s his way with maidens) and so this disproves Dionysos’s virgin birth. But then we can still partly accept it as a virgin birth since it was a god that raped her, right? Is he a son of god, yes, he is a son of Zeus. Is he a savior of humanity, yes, he did save those he could when he was alive. Dionysos also performed lots of miracles but all were in the form of wine and growth. He even had supper with his friends just like Jesus and so he checked this as well. He died in a fight with the titans, ripped apart and so he was not crucified like Jesus Christ. He descended into the underworld after his death and with his earth; he was brought back to life. He is no divine judge and he was never called one all through his life and until today, even by those in his cult.



Osiris is the father of Horus and the Egyptian god of resurrection and the dead. Osiris was killed by his brother Seth who at a banquet with 72 co-conspirators offered a coffin (already made to fit Osiris) to all at the banquet for trial. Immediately Osiris entered the coffin, Seth nailed it all up and threw his brother in the Nile River. Osiris died there but his wife, Isis found the coffin and took back the dead god’s corpse to Egypt. Seth again took the body and cut it into pieces and scattered it all over Egypt. Isis and her sister located each of the pieces and Isis puts back her husband’s body together (Except for the male organ that she could not find and had to replicate it), made love to the body and took in a baby called Horus. Then she prepared Osiris’ corpse for mummification. A lot of people argue that Osiris is close to being like Jesus Christ and that Osiris’ story is what was remade in a Jesus that does not exist. Well, Osiris was not born of a virgin, and although he is the son of a god, Geb, he was no savior of humanity. Osiris never performed any miracle neither did he break bread and wine with his disciples, if he had any. Osiris was not crucified but was left for dead in a coffin thrown into the Nile. He did not rise from the dead but was revived back to life. He is, in fact, a divine judge, as he is the one judging souls and he did descend into the underworld where he performs the work of a judge.



Mithras happens to be the only god on this list that is close to being a figure of salvation apart from Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, Mithras was born out of a rock, so he is not even close to being born of a virgin. He hails from Iran, yes IRAN. Mithras is a god of light and salvation. He happens to be the first person to reach the top of mount Hara that is at the center of the earth. Although after his death Mithras ascended into heaven in the chariot of the sun, he was not known to be a son to any god. Mithras performed no miracle, had no fellowship with his disciples with bread and wine, did not die on the cross and is not a divine judge.



 Well, I will just have to leave here empty for you to fill it up!



My take in all of this


Well, the fact remains that most of these figures discussed in this article are in a way close to a savior figure but were surely a god or god-like figure to the people of their time except for Jesus Christ. Check through the list again, most of these guys were respected by almost everyone around them. They lived like gods that some of them were, but then Jesus’ life was filled with poverty and hatred from the rulers. And although he performed miracles, broke bread and wine with his disciples, had a virgin birth, is a son of God, scourged, scathed and was crucified, died and rose again, he did not look it all while on earth.

Let me ask you a question, if you were close to God, yes, if you happen to be close to God almighty, like you see each other face to face and chat and play video games together and you happen to have a fallout. If this particular fallout will last forever simply because you cannot ask God for forgiveness and then you promised yourself to always and forever make sure that you destroy whatever God does. Will you not disguise your persons (if you have the power)to appear to the works of God (Human beings)at intervals in time if you happen to learn of the fact that God wants to make everything right with humans after you have spoilt the relationship he has with them by sending a person to save them?

Let me break it down. The devil broke the relationship God has with humans but then God did not give up. God boasted to the devil instantly after the fall of man that he will send a savior to rescue man from the sin once and for all and that this savior will break the head of the devil and the devil will bruise his heel’(Gen 3:14-15). I bet after Satan heard that, he, just like God, started making plans to send counter-saviors to earth. Now God did not reveal the blueprint of his salvation agenda but then the devil was close to God before, (remember?) so he, over time, tried all he could in every way and means he felt God will send the savior, sent his persons just to make the right savior God will send look like any other person in history.

I am very sure, if there had been like 10 cases, or even say 5 cases of a 100% replica of Jesus Christ on earth, God would have been defeated by the devil. Unfortunately, God took the devil by surprise by waiting for a long time before sending the savior. God allowed the devil’s china to produce all the china phones he can make before coming out with His own Apple I-phone (I laugh in Pidgin). Instead of picking just an attribute, Jesus Christ has all of the attributes put together. Jesus on earth was born of a virgin, was a teacher at a tender age, performed several miracles not just in a town but various towns and not in front of just a person but more than 5000 people even. Jesus was calm, poor, gentle, prayed for enemies, loved haters, and accepted the death on the cross like it was fried rice and chicken, died on the cross without showing anyone he is superman. After everything, he rose on the third day and after showing himself to several people almost everywhere he walked while alive, he ascended into heaven and he said he is the divine judge of the human race. Jesus is a perfect picture of a divine just judge and a merciful savior (See my article “why did Jesus come to earth”), the ONE AND ONLY SAVIOUR WE WILL EVER HAVE!


That can be a way to look at it all. Another way to see it all is that God has sent virtually all of these people/gods to help humanity retrace its steps. God Almighty does not want anyone missing, but that all may go back to him. For men to retrace their steps accordingly, God almighty, throughout history sent men and gods alike to help through life, by being a model of true spirituality. These men and gods alike have themselves lived a way of life that can be emulated, through which we can make it back to God. As much as each of these God-sent has done their part, the wholeness and last of the model of true spirituality is found in Jesus Christ. This thought of mine, rather than being divisive on the level of religion, is bringing humanity together and uniting us all on the umbrella of spirituality. The fact is God needed to send just a single savior to mankind, but at the same time, he needed to show humans, throughout history, that man can live on earth and be a spiritual being. Since God himself is a spirit and those that must worship Him must do so in spirit and truth, then, this is a call on the whole world to personal spirituality. Religion without spirituality is no better than a politics of bitterness. We should never forget that there can be no spirituality if there is no religion as well since religion begat spirituality, but then our spirituality must extend and grow way past religion. These man/gods came in the world to show us a way to God almighty, but then they did it using a medium (religion). Jesus Christ shows up in the world, in the last days to teach us the fullness of spirituality (turn the other cheek, love your enemies, give to whoever asks, and pray for your persecutor and so on). He not only said these in words but lived every word he spoke. He, Jesus, is the complete version of all the incomplete saviors we can ever think of, the complete teacher of full spirituality, the only son of the eternal God and the authentic savior of mankind. Jesus was not just sent to the world to teach us spirituality, but he had other missions, the biggest of which is to reconcile man back to God with his glorious death.



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  1. Tunji Akinlotan on April 10, 2020

    Its a wonderful piece, an eye opener to the person of Christ and His teachings. No other gods could match the saviour of the world.

    • Toyese Ignatius on April 11, 2020

      Reply to the part of Christ:
      Most of these people were sent to mankind by God (no doubt). Christ even said He has come not to abolish the law (giving credisence to what has been and all these beings mentioned I suppose), but to bring it into perfection ( to put aright every work done by these great beings and bring into completion, the plans God has for sending all these beings to mankind). Christ being in the list is not out of place but He is the Beginning and the End. And His has a name which is superior to all.

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