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Tolu Idowu April 19, 2020

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Now here is the story. There exists a planet called Nibiru just after Neptune in our galaxy (Now follow the story closely and don’t lose your mind. The truth of the existence of the planet is unknown). The inhabitants of this planet feel they are losing their home because the atmosphere can no longer sustain life and they require gold to fix the problem. Searching the galaxy, they found a huge deposit of gold on earth. Yes, this same earth that you and I live in. They journeyed across the galaxy (a journey that will take humans in 2020 more than 22 years to travel) to come over to earth. This event occurred around 450,000 years ago (so relax, it didn’t happen last year). On getting to earth, they landed in South Africa to mine the excess gold there.  After several years, they grew weary of the laborious work and decided they needed an extra hand. Anu, the chief god sits on his throne back home and gets feedback from those they had sent on the gold mission to earth. Those on the field came up with a suggestion to hasten the work.  The suggestion was to create humans. On earth, at that time, there were no homo sapiens, there were only Homo erectus. So the Anunnaki did what is called hybridization. They used the vitro-fertilization method to bond the DNA of Homo erectus (human beings before we became Homo sapiens) with that of the Anunnaki. This suggests that they made us in their image and likeness. The chief engineer that experimented goes by the name ENKI (later known as EA by some other tribes). The created the first set of humans, Adapa (Male) and Titi (Female). The idea was that these two will be able to copulate and give birth and multiply so that the workforce needed will grow fast. All of these are written in some Sumerian tablets discovered over the years and translated into English by Zachariah Stitchin. These tablets predate virtually any known religious book, be it the Jewish bible, Egyptian texts and so on. As far as this story is concerned, every other story that relates to it is a copy.

Soon, after making these people, they used them for the job as required and then over the years, the genetic engineer developed some kind of love for the works of his hands. Enki decided to go against the rules by making a new set of humans that can reason well and can think; knowing what is right from wrong. Anu was fed the information and he grew furious. In his anger, he summoned Enki and all other engineers working with him on earth. There was a great debate among the elders in Nibiru as regards Enki’s action. Some of them were in support of Enki’s decision while some were not. Thye became divided. Then a war broke out and Enki and his host lost the war to Anu. Anu banished Enki and all those who supported him to earth forever, never again to come back home to Nibiru. Enki came back to earth and taught the works of his hands how to live, how to create technology and so on. All of these happened over a long period of centuries.

If you and I were one of these people made back then, with our knowledge of the Stone Age, it will be difficult to understand what technology (the kind of technology that exists in this century) is. The Sumerians took these people as their gods and worshiped them. They worshiped Enki (the lord of the earth), Enlil (the son of Anu) and Anu the greatest of all of the gods. The worship of these gods can be found in old texts and tablets of not only the Sumerians, but also the Akkadians, Babylonians, and Assyrians, all of whom dates back to 2000+ BC. One can even say that Erich von Däniken may be right about his assumptions. His prove that all of the religion on earth is just a way of humans trying to contact the ancient aliens that have visited the earth in prehistoric times.


One cannot but wonder how these things came into existence and why some of them are what they are:

  1. The Pyramids of Egypt. There is no written document, up to date, that tells us who designed not to talk of who built the pyramids.
  2. Old Indian Sanskrit texts describe flying machines almost to details and called them Vimanas.
  3. Egyptian hieroglyphs depict hybrid humans that are part man and part animal and also people with elongated heads.
  4. The focus of almost every ancient civilization on earth on the Orion constellation.
  5. The existence of and the start of the Greys, the reptilians and so many other forms of extraterrestrial beings.
  6. The standing Sphinx at Giza
  7. The mystery of Puma Punku
  8. The numerous alien abduction stories
  9. The famous area 51 and how it came to be
  10. The Bermuda triangle and other deadly locations on the earth
  11. The non-existence of gravity at some points on earth
  12. Ghosts, demons, angels and other spiritual beings.

And the list can continue for as long as you like. Most of these themes remain a mystery to humans.

Here is an example, if perhaps, one can travel back in time and show humans a Smartphone, say in any year in the 1700s, what would they call it? Imagine people back in like 5000 years before Jesus Christ was born, see an airplane, what would they have called it? I am sure the terminology will have to do with the gods.  One cannot but wonder how the gods crept into the life of man in history. What if they did not just come in but have always been there since the beginning. The story of the Anunnaki can help us answer a few questions we may have about the creation story in the book of Genesis.

How did God make humans? He did so using science (bioengineering) that we are now just understanding (This would have been perfect and we would have loved the bible and religion more because we would understand everything better). But why is God making it all so cloudy and shapeless in our eyes that we can’t seem to understand a thing; when he could have made it simple like what we have in the story of the Anunnaki. The creation story in Genesis “MAY” in fact be faulty like almost every other creation story simply because it is “the story of God in the words of men”.  Have you ever tried writing a true story as it happened? It is one of the most difficult tasks a writer can ever embark on. You will not want to miss a detail so someone doesn’t call you to tell you there is a mistake in what you have written. Even at that, no matter how hard you try, you cannot get every inch of the person’s (about whom you are writing) life. A fact is clear; you can never guess what he/she is thinking about at any point in time. Adding that to your story will mean you are only second-guessing what he/she might have thought about at an instance. So writings of this sort are a difficult thing. Now imagine writing a story about something that happened long before humans existed. Even with divine inspiration, whatever God is communicating to you can only be written using the knowledge you already acquired. This is where most stories of the bible, including the revelation make it difficult for the 21st-century man to understand. The serpent in the Genesis story would have been a tortoise, had it been it was a Yoruba man that had the divine revelation of the book. This is because, in Yoruba mythology, it is the tortoise that is portrayed as wise and cunning.



This is why I always repeat it to myself that the story of creation is as it is. God created man in His image and likeness. He gave them everything and a spiritual being taught men to go against the law God set for men. They fell from grace and can no longer see God’s face. They were chased out of the presence of God and God wanted a way to bring them back to Himself. He decided to prepare humanity throughout history for the coming of the “God-man” that must “die” to bring men back to the presence of the divine. A perfect man sinned and a perfect man must again die for the sin of the first perfect man to be washed off permanently once and for all.

Just as I have written earlier, different creation stories that we have are just different views of the only truth. God/the gods/super-human beings created us. God/these gods/these super-human beings were around with those He/ they created and loved them until they were misled by another spiritual being. God/the gods/these super-human beings did not just hands-off the affairs of men but over the years have marked out a plan to bring back men to Him/them. In the end, God/these gods/these super-human beings will pick those who are worthy (the good ones) to be with them forever and give the others (the bad ones) out to be punished (this punishment comes in different ways in different religion).

So whether you believe in God/the gods/aliens/ almighty mind/big bang or whatever, I will tell you without any fear of contradiction that we (humans) are made by greater beings than humans. This being, either one or more, is a force of power that we cannot match, fully understand, and we can only see if and when He wants to be seen. This same being loves us and has created every opportunity for us men to be with Him in the afterlife. This opportunity only came about because this being sacrificed something great for that cause. This being is beyond time and space and all physical laws do not apply to Him, yet He respects nature. The question is thus simple, what are you sacrificing so that you can meet your maker one day?



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