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Tolu Idowu April 18, 2020

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If you are privileged (don’t be angry if you are not) to be a science student or you are a lover of science fiction, you will be familiar with the term universe. The universe, according to Wikipedia, is the name used in describing everything that exists in space. (https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universe). That begs the questions again, what is space? Space is, in my own words, the vacuum that enveloped everything that exists. What is a vacuum? You want me to answer that as well? So in simple words, you can travel from Nigeria to Australia, that is a long journey, but then you are still inside this blue-skied planet, earth. When you decide to leave this planet, you will have to fly past several layers of air (protective spheres). If you have ever traveled by air, you will understand this better. When you are in an airplane, you will notice that you can barely see anything below you but the cloud. When rain falls, it falls below you to the ground but as soon as you are close to your destination and the airplane is about to land, you suddenly start seeing buildings, first tiny, then they start to emerge and then they become bigger as you draw close to the ground. Now imagine that experience in the opposite direction, this time, you are going up and not coming down. Your rocket (airplane for traveling outside earth) will face the sky and keep pushing through each of the layers of air until you arrive in space. When you get into space, you can look out and see the earth fully spherical behind you (the journey is not that simple, I am only writing for illustration purpose).

Almost everyone on earth knows about the nine planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. These Nine planets orbits (rotates around our Sun). They are all close to each other (you can see the distances by clicking here). These planets are each like earth, but some are bigger and some are smaller. We humans don’t know if there is life on any of the planet ‘till date but then, who knows. When planets are clustered together like this, we call that a galaxy. The name of this our galaxy is the Milky Way and it is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 km in diameter. That is how big and wide this galaxy is. Now imagine we have more than 1,000,000 galaxies spread out in space. That is what is called the Universe. Well, that is not where I am going, so enough of the astronomy lectures.



The universe is the center of creation, but then most creation stories only focus on a single planet, earth. The big bang theory (You can read more about it by clicking here) offers a solution to the creation of life and life forms but then, even scientists citizen the theory. Nothing can form or develop out of nothing. There are several creation stories (which I cannot start to dissect in this article) and mythologies that have tried to explain how we got here over the years. We have the Cheonjiwang Bonpuri (a Korean creation myth), Enûma Eliš (Babylonian creation myth), Genesis creation myth (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism), Greek cosmogonical myth, Jamshid, Kumulipo, Leviathan (Book of Job 38-41 creation myth), Mandé creation myth, Pangu, Raven in Creation, Serer creation myth, Sumerian creation myth, Tungusic creation myth, Unkulunkulu, Väinämöinen, Viracocha, Ainu creation myth, Cherokee creation myth, Iroquois creation myth, Väinämöinen, Yoruba creation myth, Ob-Ugric creation myth, Hopi creation myth, Maya creation of the world myth, Diné Bahaneʼ (Navajo), Zuni creation myth, Debate between sheep and grain, Barton cylinder, Ancient Egyptian creation myths, Kabezya-Mpungu, Māori myths, Mbombo, Ngai, Popol Vuh, Coatlicue, Enûma Eliš, Greek cosmogonical myth, Heliopolis creation myth, Hiranyagarbha creation myth, Kumulipo, Rangi and Papa, Völuspá, Proto-Indo-European creation myths and several others. The list can go on and on.



Most people will either be familiar with just the Genesis creation story, or probably, and a traditional creation story or myth. A few years back, I got addicted to a show on History Channel called “Ancient Aliens”. The show featured historians and scientists like ‎Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, ‎Kevin Burns, Gish gallop and David Hatcher Childress (by the way, the show is now in season 15 if you are interested click here). This show is all about these guys trying to prove to viewers that the gods (or spiritual beings) are not so spiritual after all. These gods came to earth and made use of technology in front of a stone-age man. The next thing a stone-aged man can do when he sees a technology is to call the tech-wielder a god! The show also brought in the author of “Chariots of the Gods”, Erich von Däniken who happened to be a catholic. He always repeated the fact that he is a believer of God and a practicing catholic, but that a lot of events in the bible don’t make sense to him (If you want to buy and read his book, you can click here).  So, I read his book and watched ancient aliens until I came across another engineer while I was working for a company in eastern Nigeria. We got talking about life one day and he made mention of the Anunnaki story. That was the first time I heard the word even. He briefed me what the story is all about and asked me to read more about it online. I did not waste time; I picked up my phone and Googled it.



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