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Tolu Idowu April 15, 2020

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Today is the 15th day of April in the year 2020. The world is still on it’s kneels in front of the global pandemic we are facing, the COVID-19. One thing is sure, most countries of the world are now locked down. Even my country, Nigeria, has 3 major cities locked down for the past 15 days. Everyone is turning to the internet for some form of entertainment, education, money-making and lots more. The dread of COVID-19 can be felt more in the media than even in real life. I have read articles, comments and even seen videos of people saying they are yet to see anyone they know test positive to this virus or even die. Lots of people are asking for verifiable evidence of the reality of this specific Coronavirus. The numbers keep skyrocketing in the media but most people in some countries and cities go about their daily lives like nothing is happening. Is the COVID-19 real? Well, you can easily check out my article on COVID-19 by clicking here.

Even though my state is not on total lockdown, the city where I live has a curfew in place. I spend most of my time indoors right now to stay safe (FYI, I am not afraid in any way, I am only indoors more importantly because I have no work for now). So in my private isolation, I take time to watch videos that interest me on YouTube,post on my blog, read other people’s blogs and some time, check out what’s trending on twitter. Yesterday, as I was searching for a video to watch on YouTube, I came across a particular video with a heading that looks almost like the title of this article, “Pope Francis is the false prophet”. Naturally, I don’t get angry when I see anyone bully the catholic church or her leaders, but I instead want to know why. So I decided to check out the video.



false prophet

In the YouTube video, the preacher (who dressed almost the way we see Jesus dress in movies), was teaching a congregation about end times. He goes by the name Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj. From his name, one can easily deduce he is from India. His lecture was quite interesting, even for me. I later searched YouTube and found out that there are several videos on the topic “Pope Francis, the false prophet”. You can do the same and see some videos yourself (you can click here to see results), but then DO NOT WATCH THEM BEFORE READING THIS ARTICLE TO THE END.

Now Pastor Sadhu said (in the video I had seen) that God showed him a long time ago that the false prophet mentioned in the book of revelations (that will cause a lifeless statue to stand up, walk, kill people and make people worship him by force) will perform the said miracle using artificial intelligence (AI). He said when he received this prophecy (so to speak), AI was just in a peripheral stage. This same false prophet, as written in the book of revelations, will cause the whole world to worship the beast (the anti-Christ). This false prophet will have a lot of power that the world will marvel at what he can do. He will cause the world to agree to a one-world religion and so on (you can read more about this in the book of Revelations chapter 19). This pastor affirms the fact that Pope Francis has sent out a letter to all the religious leaders of the world, calling them all to meet in Hague city by September of this year, 2020. That is a fulfillment of the prophetic message from the book of revelations right? Well, there was a worldwide religious peacekeeping pact signed by all world religious leaders in the same city, so this MAY be true (you can as well Google these terms and you will not be surprised). You can checkout some other videos by this preacher on YouTube by clicking here.

We can all agree that pushing for one faith may be a fulfillment of the book of revelations but at the same will usher in some peace in the world (but I recall that this peace would be called a world peace in the bible, and Jesus gave us the peace, NOT AS THE WORLD GIVES). This pastor again talks extensively about how the Pope (since he is the false prophet) will cause a statue to breathe and live. He said the Vatican has invested heavily over the past decade in the development of artificial intelligence. This sounds absurd, right? Why would the Vatican want to develop AI in the first place? What connection has religion got with scientific development? Well, practically, even if you question an assassin very well, he will have his reasons, so I will say let us give the Vatican the benefit of the doubt; they have their reasons best known to them. The pastor went on and on, giving reasons and citing examples. Putting one plus one together, you will always arrive at the same junction with him.




I will give you a shocker of your life right now. Do you even know that the Catholic Church has been infiltrated by the NWO (New World Order) apologetics as far back as the 1900s? Well, a few years back, I read an article in a magazine, a catholic magazine, where a priest was confessing to crimes he committed against the church.  This priest was sent from Europe to an American catholic seminary to become a priest. Those who sent him were the people working with forces from the underworld. According to him, when he got to the US, he was handed over to another priest (who was already ordained then) who happens to be a member of this group as well. The priest told him that he has nothing to fear and that throughout his stay in the seminary; he will be watched over and catered for. This priest (the one sent from Europe) graduated, got ordained a priest of the Catholic Church and was given a pastoral work in a city in the US. At his parish, as instructed, he made moves to bring down the Catholic Church as best as he can. He urged women to press so hard on the then pope, John Paul II, to empower women to celebrate the Holy Mass in full. To the glory of God, Pope John Paul II disagreed. This move was made to desecrate the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  According to this priest, the only power the church has that seems unbroken over the years is the Holy Eucharist. He achieved some of the goals he set while that of the Eucharist was so difficult to achieve. This same priest later had a change of heart and decided to confess. He said he knows his confession may get him killed early but that he will be at peace with God.



All the priests ordained in the Catholic Church swear an oath of obedience to God, the Bishop of the diocese and the Pope. Yes, this is the truth but even those of us who are lay faithful know that some priests do not go by the order of their Bishops, less the Pope. If priests who have sworn such oath do not fully comply, what is holding the lay faithful bound to the words of the Pope? I am not in any way saying this is a good way to be a Catholic, but I am only saying Catholics are a people of reason. Catholics ask questions and when you cannot give a reasonable answer, they will not follow you. That is exactly what religion should be. Religion ought to be a guide, a lamp and not a “must-do” order. The good thing is that even the Catholic Church has never said the Pope is issuing orders to Catholics; he would rather encourage and enjoin us to follow.

Even IF (note the BIG if here) the Pope is the anti-Christ, and all the Cardinals are demons; that does not in any way translate to the fact that all Catholics will go to hell. If the Pope had written an encyclical telling all Catholics that it is no longer a sin to steal, will you go about stealing? Don’t you know better now? The tenets of the Catholic Church remains solid and is all good. No Pope can remove the good and replace them with anything bad, not now! Christianity sounds communal and can be lived in a community but then knowing the truth and living the truth of Jesus Christ is a personal thing. The Church guides you in the direction to go and YOU decide where to go. The only reason why God will not send the “church” to hell for most people’s sins is the fact that they committed those sins and not the church (because I am sure some people will blame their sins on the Pope, their pastor, and even their church).

Catholics know the truth of Christ better than any Christian denomination (I am talking about Catholics that are not lazy to read, understand and learn all that the church teaches because most Catholics are simply churchgoers). So if Pope Francis is the false prophet, we are more than prepared to live according to what Jesus instructed his church and NOT what Pope Francis will instruct the church in the future. I believe the world is going to see more Popes than Pope Francis, and if that is the case, then He, Pope Francis, cannot be the false Prophet prophesied in Revelations. The world will end, there will be judgment and there will be a separation of sheep from the goat. It is a great thing to be prepared for the end of the world BUT importantly, why don’t we prepare more for the end of our personal lives. Stop being too concerned about the end of the world that you cannot change (since it is all preset and prophesied) and be more concerned about your life and making it to heaven, this I am sure you can change and set with your hands.

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