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IS JESUS GOD? (part 2)

Tolu Idowu April 12, 2020

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Is Jesus God

Now Jesus is the son of God. His context of sonship is something that we cannot fully understand but we can only choose to or not believe it. His sonship is not  like what we have in your father giving birth to you biologically and you are therefore his son. Jesus’ sonship and God’s fatherhood is more than that. After all, we are sons of God through the water of baptism and yet, God did not physically give birth to any of us. Even in the context of our physical relationships, there are different forms of sonship. An adopted son can be a son in the family forever and can even carry on the family name and lineage. He is a son, but not by birth. I am a son to my uncle (either paternal or maternal side); so far as both of us take, act and see ourselves as such. My real biological father will also call me son. When the Bishop of my diocese addresses me as a son, am I not a son to him? Even in Pentecostal churches, the general overseer is now addressed as not just G.O but daddy G.O. He is now the father of many children, the church members, when most times these G.Os have only biologically fathered about 2 to 5 children. We have different kinds of sonship and fatherhood. Therefore the context of Jesus being the son of God and God the Father being his eternal father should be seen in the same light.

My childhood idea
When I was growing up, I thought so well about how God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit can all be One God and different and distinct persons. I came up with a science fiction idea in my mind (Which I haven’t shared with anyone until today). My idea is that God the Father existed before time, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit also existed before time began. This is before time began, remember, so NO, the earth was not even formed yet, no plants nor human beings and whatever. I see the three of them in different contexts. God the Father is a warrior and a fighter who has defeated everyone in his path in every war of every dimension and realm. Jesus happens to be a lover of peace who has ensured peace throughout every dimension and realm he has crossed path with. The Holy Spirit is a true legend at guiding every spirit in realms and dimensions. Now, these three came together after conquering everything and everyone (everyone here does not mean human beings or mortal beings) that is and formed a pact to always be united and be bonded by LOVE for eternity! Never separating, they will remain and be seen as one in every realm and dimension. Each chose a position in the GODHOOD and they remained thus forever! They created time and created reality. They brought about the existence of the universe and spread it to continue to increase. Time passed, and then they decided to create living beings in dimensions and realms. After several billions of years, they came up with the idea of creating the earth and populating it. Each of them will have their time in the history of this new mankind they want to create. God the Father will start out, then the Son and then the Holy Spirit. They will give men free will to choose to live in their presence forever and ever or live away from their presence forever.
Now, this was my idea while growing up. This idea of mine can be meaningless and not even represent who the trinity is in any way, but then I believe would have given you another insight into the person of God. For one thing, you and I cannot understand God fully nor can we truly comprehend how the trinity came to be simply because we were made not long ago. Can you even answer the question of what the man who gave birth to the first man of your home town’s grandfather looked like exactly? Can you paint him? That will take a lot of time of research and you will probably come back empty-handed or with something fake or vague.

The Biblical way

Another way we can see the Godhood of Jesus Christ is from his words and from what has been said about him. After his resurrection, Jesus told his disciples in the gospel of Mathew 28:18 that “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth”. This is a direct word meaning that someone gave him ALL authority in HEAVEN and on EARTH. Jesus is simply saying he is in charge. And I believe this very words of Jesus is what is re-echoed in John 17:2, Ephesians 1:21, Mathew 11:27, Philippians 2:9, Colossians 2:10, 1st Peter3:22, John3:35, and several other passages of the new testament. In Mathew 11:27 especially, Jesus tells us that it is the father that gave all authority to him. This is simply telling us that God the Father exists and to his ONLY son, he has WILLED everything he has, all of heaven and all of the earth and everything therein. Now I will give a typical example so that we understand this better.
If your father has grown old (God does not age, mind you, he exists outside of time) and he decides he no longer want to control the billion Naira empire he owns. He then decide to pull you, Olawale Jnr, from your studies overseas to come and take over as the managing director of his firm. Everyone calls your father M.D before and they all know him as Chief Olawale. On arriving in Nigeria, you were greeted in your home town with a chieftaincy title as well. Your first day at work, you resumed duty in your father’s office in an official capacity as the M.D in your father’s stead. Every staff that enters that office henceforth will still regard you as M.D right? Business partners of the company will regard you as M.D as well officially but even unofficially, you will be called Chief Olawale Jnr. We can say the same of Jesus Christ.

Everything in heaven and on earth has been willed to him, and that means even before the time he said this all our prayers to God are collect and collated by angels and delivered to God for answers, but after Jesus’ words, Jesus is now the one handling all prayers and requests henceforth. This means that God the Father  is now leaving God the son in Charge and he is stepping back for the son to exercise authority. I want to say this loud and clear, (except Jesus is not real and God does not exist), every prayer directed to God in every shrine, mosque, church, pagoda or wherever anyone anywhere on earth worships will be redirected to Jesus Christ for answers. That is an established fact. All angels in heaven now answer to Jesus alone and so he is no longer the son but he is now the Father you pray to. But then Jesus was with us on earth and he understands that there are different religions; there are different tongues and peoples. Jesus understands the human way of life and he knows us better than we know ourselves. Jesus is a merciful God. And so I can tell you frankly that even if you pray shouting, he listens. If you pray in your heart without uttering a word, he understands. If you pray holding a tree and hitting your head on it, he feels you, man. Whatever way you pray to him, he is ready to listen to and answer you. He wants you to believe in him, yes but more importantly, he will judge you for not showing God (LOVE) to others.
Whatever you do to get Jesus angry cannot anger him, but what you do to hurt other humans anger him. He cares deeply for everyone and that is why He is God. Because Jesus is LOVE personified. God is LOVE and he who abides in LOVE abides in GOD and God in him. So whether you are an Ifa priest or Ifa worshiper, Buddha priest or Buddha worshiper, a Muslim or a Christian, a Jew or an atheist, in as much as you SHOW true LOVE to everyone around you, True and genuine love, You HAVE GOD (JESUS) in you and you are a disciple of Jesus. You are not a follower of Jesus by going to church or answering a Christian name. In fact, Jesus may later tell you he does not know you. But when you show and sow love, you are Jesus’ own.

If you so much hate everything I have said and you don’t want to be a disciple or a follower of Jesus, simply HATE everyone around you but if you want to be a true disciple of Jesus, forget all you have known or heard and simply sow and show love to everyone. It is that simple.





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