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Tolu Idowu April 9, 2020

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The prayer question

Prayers! To the glory of God almighty, one of our readers here sent us a message . I will post the message here for you all to read through, but then the sender’s details will be totally hidden. (I will refer to the person as a “she” all through this article).

Her question goes thus:



Hi Tolu,

I have always believed God almighty for a particular blessing for a while now. I have prayed ceaselessly over the years and in fact prayed using different methods. The silent prayer, the violent prayer, the shouting and even the meditative prayers, all to no avail. I have even tried praying to God using traditional methods I watched on African Magic. I have spoken to God through my imagination (maybe there is something called imaginative prayer, I don’t know). I have fasted several days, given as much alms as I can and even rendered help to those who are in and not in need of my help.

I did everything I think I can do to move God, but no, God is not moved! No answer, no miracle. Deep down in me, I am loosing myself  and even I am so bothered but I can’t open up to people so I don’t have my faith in God questioned.

So one day I asked myself, “Are you praying the right way”?

I tried Googling how to pray , the right way to pray and several search results came through but none is helping. It’s gotten to a point where tears roll down my eyes uncontrollably when i want to pray without even uttering a word. Most times I just make the sign of the cross and get back up. I am a catholic and I firmly believe God exists but I don’t know how to call on Him for Him to answer me. I want to know the best way to pray. I must experience this miracle of God very soon in my life. Please tell me the best way to pray and please don’t tell me about the Lord’s prayer because I have said it more than the pope. How can my prayers be answered quickly?


Pray, pray and pray without season

Well,that is the message! How can one pray for God to listen? How can my prayers be answered quickly? I am a practical person and so going back to everything she has done will be throwing her back into misery. I would have simply advised she fast, give alms and the rest, but then she’s done all of these. So what else can move God?

Well, I will provide an answer from my own perspective. I am sure most humans are in the same circumstance as the writer of this message. I have also being in her shoes several times. So how did I get God to listen to and answer me?

To start with, I am sure we all forget is the fact that we are not the creator. Humans tend to forget the fact that we are but dust. We tend to create our own reality in which we are THE GOD supreme and in that our reality, we fit the REAL supreme God there as our servant. God almighty is the creator, the beginning and the end of everything.

What I am saying in essence is the fact that no matter what is written in the bible or whatever God has promised us in His own words, we are still nothing in His presence. So the first step to take when praying is to accept the fact that whatever you ask is not up to you to get it done. Even if it will be done, it will NEVER be in your time (even though sometimes, it may be granted as at when we want or need it, this does not mean it is our timing but God’s) and sometimes, it will not be done at all. Knowing and accepting that fact is key to God’s face.

As an example, someone who has cancer believes God will heal him and so with faith he goes all the way into prayer and keep asking God while doing every good works he can but then his mind is fixated on the date he had been given by the doctor. He believes God will answer that prayer and that before that day, he will be cured. Setting such time for God may not be bad, but then it will  not help us. Why not just pray , do your alms, fast and leave it all in the hands of God. Accept the date, have faith God will answer, but then do not limit Him to the date set for your death. Who says God cannot bring you back to life after  three days of your death?

So my dear friend, please whatever it is you are asking of God, He has heard your prayers and supplications, but stop giving God a deadline. God is not bound by time and space and so He can do just ANYTHING ANYTIME He wants. When you know that all hope is lost, God can still step in. So pray, fast, give alms, continue the good works and live like God has answered you. I tell you, in no time, you will receive what it is your are asking for without raising your left hand to check TIME!

Remember, if we do not ask, we cannot receive, if we do not seek, we cannot find and if we fail to knock, who will open the door?




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